In early 2016, Haider Anjum and Shariq Poonawala came together with one simple goal. Perspective. Having worked in Architectural Technology for many years, they both realised that working together with Architects, firms and end-customers to deliver superior designs, renderings and visualisations of plans resulted in a significant increase in client satisfaction. Delivering exceptional precision at the design stage meant even simple builds were completed faster, better and with complete budget transparency.

From engaging spaces for kids to do homework, serene open-plans that unite your family, through to conceptual centrepiece designs that transforms a city, Mecha delivers innovative, client-focused, budget optimised designs for Architects and their clients.

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shariq poonawala

Bsc (HONS) Architectural design & Technology

"Technology is just a tool. The user is central to effective design."

A Minute with Shariq

what is architectural technology to you?

I have always been fascinated by the way people react differently in different spaces, how a change of light or ambience can radically change their mood. I've always loved maths and physics, so I fell into the technology side naturally. I like to know how things work, how an inside is connected to an outside.

why are you passionate about this industry?

The industry is always changing. New technology is driving better processes, better structures, better ways of living. Gives me butterflies to be honest.

where would you like this business to go?

Not just this business, but we need to make the building industry as efficient as any other. The automotive industry, for example, is great at avoiding waste. Any build has a tolerance for wastage - as much as 10% of the build cost in some cases. Our aim is to reduce these inefficiencies with the use of technology. Its about the environmental impact, and our customer's pockets. As for the business, I would like us to grow into a multi-national, making a change to the industry and eventually the world. ...And then maybe another planet.

tell us about you. Personal stuff.

I have an interest in the magical, illusions that make the minds wonder in awe. I also like Maths, science, technology, and quirky inventions. They are always the future.

haider anjum

Bsc (HONS) Architectural design & Technology, Msc BIM & Digital Built Environments

"Impossibility is a limited point of view."

A Minute with haider

what is architectural technology to you?

It is about imagination. Expressions of one's passion for habitable or occupied spaces and marrying this with (only a) dash of realism. The result is the impossible, made possible. Done right, designers can go well beyond expectations. “The Passion to make a difference through the ancient arts of architecture and modern science”.

why are you passionate about this industry?

I have seen and experienced the possibilities of achieving what was only dreamt about, and it will only get better as the industry grows and elevates. I have a clear vision for the future of architecture and I believe we can continue to push the boundaries.

where would you like this business to go?

We set up MECHA Works as a business to be an asset to our industry. To help engender a standard of planning that becomes the norm, helping to take spaces to another dimension as we grow.

tell us about you. Personal stuff.

I have many interests, but I get excited by knowing how something works. Understanding the mechanics, getting under the hood, and then tweaking and being creative with it. All things technology, futurism, science, the marriage of art, aesthetics and practical design. Architecture, Space, Aeronautics, Aviation. Actually I like most things because there is always an element of the mechanical and some creativity within it. Marvel and DC Comics, also feature highly of course.